Makerspaces that Drive Compassion, Inclusivity, and Social Change: Quiz for PD Certification


How can makerspaces in our schools foster compassion, inclusivity, and social change?

Makerspaces and compassion are not new ideas on their own, but when brought together can result in innovative ways to engage students with each other and with their community using kindness. In the webinar, “Makers with a Cause,” Library Media Specialist Gina Seymour shares her experiences and tips of how to use makerspaces in schools to model compassion and engaged citizenship. Explore how to set up your makerspace to drive service-driven projects with inclusive supplies that reflect your participants. Learn about “inclusive volunteering” in makerspace approaches and how diverse participants can enable us to see projects through many different lenses. Use makerspaces for school political causes or for “craftivist” activities that model responsible civic action for a new generation. Explore ways to raise funds for projects and tips for maintaining and deepening these community partnerships.

Professional Development Certification: Upon viewing the webinar, you can earn a certificate for completing one hour of professional development by taking this quiz.

The webinar can be found on our Community Page and on our Workshops & Webinars Page.

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