Looking for Advice? “Dear Dara” Is Here to Help!


Need some friendly advice?

Our professional literature focuses, rightly, on defining and modeling best practices. But how many of us find ourselves in less than ideal situations that prevent us from doing what we know is best for our students? Fixed schedules. Unsupportive administrators. The elimination of library aide positions. Duties unrelated to our library work. The undervaluing of our expertise. Too many of us are in environments that stymie our efforts to give our learners what we know they deserve. With persistence and ingenuity, librarians can change those environments over time—but that may be little comfort to those among us who rarely find “less-than-rosy” situations like their own mirrored in their professional publications.

Enter Dara.

Dear Dara is School Library Connection’s new monthly, anonymous advice column for school librarians who find themselves in a pickle, at a crossroads, or at the end of their rope. Dara is the alter ego of a well-known national school library leader who chooses to remain anonymous to foster open, frank discussion of sensitive issues.

If you need some friendly advice in navigating a thorny problem, a sounding board, or even just to vent, send your questions to Dara anonymously via the form here and watch this space!

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