Kafi Kumasi’s Hip Hop Webinar Downloadable


Dr. Kafi Kumasi, in her webinar “InFLO-mation: Hip Hop Principles for Library Instruction,” discusses the importance of culturally-responsive teaching and how hip hop is a natural conduit for reaching out to African American students and other marginalized groups. Hip hop, she argues, is the voice of the people. As Dr. Bettina Love explains, “Our ability to fight oppression through art and music is so abiding and distinctive that people think it’s magical. Hip hop has an ancestral need and obligation to combine social protest, music, and modes of cultural expression to address systemic racism, classism, suffering, and social neglect.”

Kumasi sees inFLOmation practices as part of a paradigm shift in the way we think of librarians, not just as experts in their field, but also as facilitators. InFLOmation practices serve to expand our understanding of literacy that moves us beyond a definition wedded to print-based products to one that includes oral traditions and other avenues of learning. You can click on the image below for a downloadable PDF that outlines the principles of inFLOmation inquiry to help you bring hip hop culture to your library and school community.


About the Presenter

Kafi Kumasi, PhD, MLIS, is an associate professor at Wayne State University, Detroit, MI. She earned her doctorate from Indiana University, Bloomington, and her master’s from Wayne State. Kumasi’s research interests revolve around issues of literacy, equity, and diversity. Her publications include book chapters and numerous articles in professional journals.

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