Getting Started with Inquiry: Shifting from Teacher-Centered to a Student-Centered Model


Inquiry frameworks, like the C3 Framework, are shifting learning from teacher-centered to student-centered to promote student engagement. In order to prepare our students to be College and Career Ready, we must provide research strategies and promote student questioning and student-based learning allowing for student choice and voice as they approach learning objectives. In this sneak peek of lesson one of her workshop, “Getting Started with Inquiry,” Paige Jaeger explains why now is the time to make this shift in your instructional practice.


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About the Presenter

Paige Jaeger, MLIS, is a prolific author and prominent educational consultant, delivering professional development at the local, state, and national levels on inquiry-based learning, the CCSS, and the C3 feamework. Previously, she was a library administrator serving 84 school libraries in New York.


Twitter: @INFOlit4U




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